A Vehicle for Social Change and a Charitable Model in
the Fight Against Hunger

Author Michael Gregory is not content with just writing a book about one of our nation’s growing problems—the underfed in America, where according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released in November 2009, nearly 50 million people—including almost one child in four—struggle to get enough to eat. He is determined to start a new movement—an Urban Agrarian Movement to address the realities of America’s food insecurity, a problem that has dramatically deepened as a result of our nation’s worst recession and highest unemployment since the Great Depression.

Gregory’s solution is to share the harvest from a national network of urban gardens with the millions of underfed. As Gregory discusses through the chapters of The Urban Agrarian, gardens are an exercise in optimism, and they can lead us to a healthier diet, a reduced food bill, a regular source of exercise, a greener lifestyle, a partnership with nature, a reduced carbon footprint, a creative outlet, and a journey in search of tranquility and even spirituality. A network of urban gardens provides us with a model for charity that allows us to directly impact the lives of millions with the most basic of needs—fresh food. The answer to addressing this growing problem of hunger is literally “in our hands”, and in saving each other, we also save ourselves. PLEASE JOIN US !!!


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